It pours, man, it pours.

February 8, 2019
Weeks of on-and-off rain—and snow at higher elevations—have nearly washed away drought conditions across CA, according to report released this week by U.S. Drought Monitor. Just a week ago, nearly one quarter of the state, including all of Los Angeles County, was experiencing “moderate drought” conditions. As of Tuesday this week, that share had fallen to just 10.6%, and L.A.’s drought level was downgraded to “abnormally dry.”
Precipitation in the last 30 days has replenished CA’s largest reservoirs, too. 6 of the 12 tracked by the Department of Water Resources were filled to above average levels Wednesday, and both Lake Perris (in Riverside County) and the San Luis Reservoir (southeast of San Jose) are nearly 90% full. The snowpack is now above the historical median at nearly all of the state’s major mountain peaks, and will eventually produce even more much-needed water.
SoCal gets wet again this weekend, according to the National Weather Service: A pair of small storms are expected to bring light rain to our neighborhoods Friday night and Sunday morning. So get out those umbrellas and visit our open houses. It’s a great time to beat fair-weather competitors.


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